At Experience Church we do everything we can so that everyone will come.

    • What

      It has always been our desire for Experience Church to be a community you can easily share with your friends. Since the very beginning, our heart has been to establish an EC Weekend gathering 15 minutes from everywhere in our city. As we have grown and multiplied in the Northwest and Downtown it has become apparent that the next step for EC is a permanent home: a beacon of hope, light and life in our city that will be here for generations. The Build For Everyone campaign is created to be used exclusively towards the establishment of a permanent place of worship and headquarters for our ministry in Calgary and beyond.

    • Our Vision

      Watch our Pastors share an important announcement for our permanent home.

    • How

      There's easy steps on how you can be involved with Build For Everyone.

      We’re believing in God for a miracle and we’re asking you to believe with us. Let’s commit together to set aside time every day to bring this to God. Consider accompanying your prayer with regular fasting and trust that God will lead you, grow your own capacity for generosity, and help us all reach this vision. If you are married and have children make this something you do together. As you pray keep your heart open to obeying how God leads you. Carefully assess your financial situation and look for ways you can sacrificially participate in this miracle.

      Put your faith in action by fulfilling your faith pledge and planting the seeds for a miracle. Give online through buildforeveryone.ca or in person at any of our EC locations on the weekend. We are believing for pledges to be filled by March 1st 2019.

    • Why do we need a church building?

      Now, more than ever the world needs what the church has to offer. A permanent facility will move the mission of Jesus forward in Calgary and beyond.


      A Permanent Broadcast location will provide a significant boost in the quality of our campus experiences at our Northwest Campus, Downtown Campus and future locations. Our vision of having a church 15 minutes from everyone in Calgary and beyond is dependent on high-quality video production that this new location will provide.


      A permanent headquarters in Calgary would be accessible to our church family around the clock, not just on Sundays. This will allow us to expand our EC youth and Preteen ministries, facilitate greater leadership training, EC groups, and community engagement. A gymnasium, family facility, and music centre would serve the city of Calgary, not just the Experience Church family.

      Location of the permanent venue?

      Experience Church has the vision to see all of Calgary, including the surrounding communities, come to new life in Jesus. That being said, we do believe that the best location for our permanent space and headquarters would be situated south or near Glenmore Trail, within the southern side of Calgary.


      Overall, we see a space that will include an auditorium to accommodate multiple weekend services.

      This venue will be utilized throughout the week for team gatherings, offices, leadership development, conferences, family ministries, creative spaces, church planting operations and city initiatives. A full-service venue with a reach extending locally, nationally and internationally with the life-giving message of Jesus.

      How long will this take?

      Phase 1: Secure the House

      Present – July 1st 2019

      2.25 million dollars to secure the facility


      Phase 2: Prepare the House

      July 1st 2019 – December 1st 2019

      Build out and renovations of the facility to prepare for occupancy


      Phase 3: Own the House

      December 1st 2019 – Completion

      Faithful payment of any mortgage being held on the building until EC owns the facility outright.

    • People Matter

      Leave a legacy that outlives you.

      Building UP People

      We are unwavering in our mission to reach everyone with the life-changing message of Jesus. As we continue to pursue a permanent space where we can call home, we are equally focused on the "everyones" still searching for a home. People are our focus, and a building is one way to reach them.


      We are committed to building people up in their God-given purpose and helping empower them to make a difference.

      Building FOR People

      To continue fulfilling the mission of reaching everyone, we know there are limitations with our current rental venues.


      We believe there is more we can do to help build people the way God instructed us. We see a space that will function throughout the week for multi-generations in a variety of needs. A church building that is vibrant, full of life and purpose. A place that serves the needs of Calgary and beyond.

    • Ways to Give

      Giving costs less than you think

      In Alberta, your tax credits for charitable donations after the first $200 reduce the cost of your gift by one-half.


      Federal and provincial government tax incentives encourage individuals to support their favourite charities, but many people grossly underestimate the true value of these incentives, in part because federal and provincial tax credits are calculated separately, not as one total amount on your individual tax return.


      Use this charitable donation tax credit calculator to see just how little it actually cost to give. Let’s explain using an AB resident:


      If you earn a salary: Federal and Provincial income tax is deducted from every paycheck. For most people at the end of the year, the amount of income tax deducted should be equal to what you owe, based on that income. To get some of that money back, you need to have Tax Credits. 


      For example, if you had $10,000 in Income Tax deducted from your pay but gave a gift of $1,500 to Experience Church that you could claim on your tax form, you would get a Tax Credit of $700 back in cash from the government.

    • Additional Ways to Give



      • Donating RRSP/RRIF assets
      • Donating securities
      • Donate proceeds from a piece of land
      • Donate rental income


      • Pre-retirement “working” donation
      • Charitable gift annuities (CGAs)
      • Legacy bond 
    • Got Questions?

      We got answers. Ask away!